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We've carried LAMARQUE for 2 seasons and with an overwhelming response from our clients, we are pleased to carry it for Fall 2014. We received our first few pieces today! Leather is such a great way to add some "edge" to an outfit. Take the leap this fall - trade your traditional suit blazer in, for an amazing indoor leather jacket; pair it with a basic sheath dress, pencil skirt, or trouser!  (shown: black leather shift dress, grey leather cascade jacket, black leather pant)

 Label Overview: "LaMarque Collection was born from the innovative minds of fashion designers Ifigenia Papadimitriou and Steven Bonamassa. The Montreal-based contemporary brand specializes in leather jackets, leather and mixed media sportswear, down-filled puffers, and Italian wool coats with leather detailing. The Fall/Winter 2013 collection marked the debut of the LaMarque brand. LaMarque’s foundation and heritage is leather, but its vision and its design reach extends far beyond just leather jackets. LaMarque takes pride in the quality of each garment and believes that the workmanship of every piece is not just a matter of production, but a matter or artistry. Each piece is hand-cut, hand-stitched, expertly tailored and brilliantly styled, mixing a modern design edge with classical craftsmanship."

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