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 Entertaining can be a lot of work and is a huge commitment 
(especially during a busy time of year!) 

This season, treat your hostess to something sweet & thoughtful! 

It doesn't need to be elaborate; it's a simple gesture letting them know you care. 

Here are a few ideas that we've come up with to help you on your search! XO

1. Wine - pick your favourite... because who doesn't love wine?!

2. Cookbook - yummy treats and new ideas are always welcome!

3. Coasters - fun AND practical! (Urban Barn)

4. Apron - find a cute design or pattern that compliments their style (EQ3)

5. Cheese Board - these always come in handy when entertaining! (Urban Barn)

6. Corkscrew - one home can never have to many! (Alessi)

7. Mugs/Tea cups - because who doesn't love warm beverages?? (HBC)

8. Candles - there are SO many different kinds out there; perhaps look for one with a "meaning" such as aromatherapy or a "scent" that reflects the occasion such as cranberry bliss for the holidays!

9. Vase - plus, fresh flowers are a great addition!

10. Throw/blanket - we suggest sticking with a neutral colour or pattern to ensure it goes with their personal home decor! (Chapters/Indigo)

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