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My Top Fried Chicken Destinations

This week, in Winnipeg, we're celebrating Fried Chicken Fest
I know that deep fried, battered, saucy chicken, is not for everyone, but for those who love it, this week's "Fried Chicken Fest" is a great excuse to indulge!
Here are a few on my favourites, On and Off the list
Merchant Kitchen Korean Fried Chicken

This is one of my husband's favourite which says a lot seeing he comes from a restaurant upbringing. He's even asked me to pick some up on my way home... (wish I had a pic but there's not time for food pics when eating with Larry)
Merchant is one of our go-to date night destinations,  but it's also a favorite Jet's pre game venue with my bf

Their go-to this week is a Fried Chicken Bowl which features Korean-fried chicken thigh, whipped yuca, truffle cheddar, serrano chile hollandaise, boar belly, pickled red onion
Brazen Hall
This is the "Nashville Hot Chicken" dish, and I've gone back twice since having it (It's served on their di…
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"Sweet" Impressions, you hold the key to my red velvet heart

A huge shoutout to two ladies who have pounded pavement ... and flour ... for almost 10 years
Owners Krista & Aynsley have brought us the most adorable cookies, cupcakes and treats since 2008

Moving from St.Boniface to Stafford Square proved to be a fabulous move as the team added decorating classes, birthday parties, and a dedicated wedding section with ,  Oh My Gosh, A Donut Wall

I love the idea of custom cookies for teacher gifts, and with their "Nut Free" environment, you can feel free to supply the entire class with these sweet treats

Ladies, Congratulations on almost 10 years! 
I love you, I love your goodies, and look forward to indulging in your   red velvet cupcakes over this holiday season

For more info (pictures credited to sweet impressions website/instagram)

Yummy in my tummy , a place where it's always "sweet to be a woman"

I've always been a lover of all things Canadian but have recently discovered a few more crushes  right here in Winnipeg
talk about being sweet...Jenna Rae Cakes

Owners Jenna Rae + Ashley Nicole have done a great job at creating a playful, famine and appetizing environment 

The absolutely beautiful decor of their shop on Academy Road sent a yummy sweet sensation from my eyes to my belly before I even looked at my options
 I knew I was in trouble when the colour palettes of the baked goodies made me want to jump up and down in anticipation of what I was about to delight in
macarons, cupcakes, cookie sandwiches, chocolate covered cake gems,

 truffles, cake slices, mini cheesecakes and more
Schedule a few extra minutes when heading there, and sample some amazing morsels of heaven or order your holiday goodies before they're all booked up
This destination is just one more reason
"It's sweet to be a women"

find their daily menu here... photo credits to jennaraecakes in…

This Saturday indulge and support St Norbert Farmers Market

A few weeks ago, Lar and I went to St Norbert Farmers' Market and indulged

we enjoyed freshly squeezed lemonade ,  apple fritter from Bronuts , farmer burger & spring rolls

the following week I took my sister and stocked up on locally grown vegetables,  jam, deserts, and grass fed meat 

I wouldn't consider myself a great cook but these fresh greens sitting on my counter inspired me to make zucchini lasagna...and it was amazing (very surprised)

fresh flowers, honey, waffles, dog treats, wood carvings, pies, gluten free, grass fed, organic spices, jerky, hula hoops, plants, popcorn, pizza & live music

go early, check out the market, take the time to sit and enjoy some grub website for info St.Norbert Farmers Market  or St.Norbert Farmers Market facebook

First Friday's Exchange Art Experience

First Friday's in the exchange
for all the of you who love the arts, 
head to Winnipeg's exchange district

where local artists and vendors unite to add uniqueness to our already diverse city

galleries, food, entertainment, pubs, fashion, home decor
no wonder I was inspired to open my very first boutique here in 2004

spend the day in the exchange and remember 
first friday's is definitely a fun time

"it's sweet to be a woman"

Add a little "Sugar" to your summer

Even though the shop's gone, I'm always looking for great finds to add to my wardrobe
one thing I've been looking for is fun jewelry
sugar blossom jewelry is not only local, it's super cute
those who know me, know I only do black grey and white and almost all of my t-shirts have sayings so this line is perfect as it's customizable 

i love this gift idea

layer a few,  throw on a hat, grab your sunnies, and head to the beach

Aevi on Taylor carries a good selection or click on the website

this sugar makes me scream, "It's sweet to be a woman"!

photo credit to sugarblossomjewelry instagram

Sweet Treats: High Tea Bakery

Imperial cookies...
by far my favourite cookie in the world
sooooo why not try every imperial cookie winnipeg has to offer
okey dokey

....drum roll....

congratulations High Tea Bakery on your absolutely perfect imperial cookie mini's

Belinda, it's been far too many years since our paths have crossed but I'm so pleased to see your bakery is doing so well

now it's stretchy pants time
ahhhhh "it's sweet to be a woman"

photo credits to highteabakery instagram