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Debbie Cham is the founder and designer of Lux and Luster, a favorite label here at Candie & Dolls! Our clients love Lux and Luster for it's feminine designs and unique fabric combinations. We've been carrying this line since we first opened, and we recently got the chance to catch up with Debbie to ask her a few questions!

Where do you find your inspiration?
I travel a lot and that definitely gives me tons of inspiration.

What is your design process like?
It really differs from season to season. Sometimes it can be the fabrics I pick out. If I find a really beautiful fabric I can picture lots of looks from it. Other times like I said above I get inspiration from what I pick up from my travels, but all in all I feel like I design based a lot on my personal style and what I feel like wearing.

What are your go-to items of clothing?
Definitely a pair of jeans!!! Lately it’s been a skinny jean. I wear a lot of Lux & Luster tops or Jackets with jeans; it’s just comfy and easy.

Which trends for Spring 2011 do you like the most?
I really don’t follow trends. In terms of putting together the line I really try to have pieces that don’t date. It’s nice to be able to wear pieces from 3 years ago and have it work.

We love your Jackie Jacket! What are your favorite ways to wear it?
I have one in black and I wear mine with the Poppy Tee from this spring along with my favorite skinny jeans. Right now it’s still a little cold so I’m wearing boots but when it warms up, I’ll wear it with a pair of heels.

What is your favorite song? Movie?
I know it’s over played on the radio right now but Stereo Love. They sampled an Old Italian song in it and it reminds me of when we were in Italy every time I hear it.
As for a movie…. I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries lately and recently I loved The Cove.

What are your favorite things to do in Toronto?
Going out to eat!! Toronto has lots of great restaurants.

Aside from clothing, what is your ultimate indulgence?
Definitely SHOES!!!

Take a look at some pieces from our first Spring 2011 Lux and Luster shipment! They're gorgeous, and so easy to mix and match!

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