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A few weeks ago, Lar and I went to St Norbert Farmers' Market and indulged

we enjoyed freshly squeezed lemonade ,  apple fritter from Bronuts ,
farmer burger & spring rolls

the following week I took my sister and stocked up on locally grown vegetables, 
jam, deserts, and grass fed meat 

I wouldn't consider myself a great cook but these fresh greens sitting on my counter inspired me to make zucchini lasagna...and it was amazing (very surprised)

fresh flowers, honey, waffles, dog treats, wood carvings, pies, gluten free, grass fed, organic
spices, jerky, hula hoops, plants, popcorn, pizza & live music

go early, check out the market, take the time to sit and enjoy some grub
website for info St.Norbert Farmers Market 

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